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Digital “Roads Scholarship”

Win a three month Road Trip Across North America this Summer.

“Travel is about your inner self and how you exchange energy between that inner self and the world . . . becoming a vagabond is a religious action.” - Ed Buryn

The words of my travel mentor, Ed Buryn, are as true today as when he wrote “Vagabonding in America” during the hippie dippy days of the early 70’s. Vagabonding can be a religious action. I’d like to spread the good word and save a few talented souls from our culture of consumerism and set them free on the open road.

I converted to being a life long vagabond years ago in my early twenties. I fixed up a 1974 VW camper bus and scratched together a few hundred bucks and said goodbye to stiff curriculum, career obsession and fear and hit the open road going west with the vague idea of finding the Pacific Ocean. I found the ocean but more importantly myself.

What I learned exceeded anything I learned in college. Now I’d like to “pay it forward” by offering the ultimate educational experience - a digital “Roads Scholarship” - a three month crash course in vagabonding America.

Yes, dreams can come true – if you’re willing to live them. Those who have the wanderlust to drive into the unknown and the talent to write and photograph it are encouraged to apply for the Roads Scholarship.

Scholarship Details:

The winner will be paid a stipend of $1,200 a month to travel North America this summer (June through September of 2009) and share their travel articles and photo essays on Digital Vagabonding.com. The winner will also get a ticket to the Burning Man Festival, which is held during the last week of August in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Two runner up winners will also get free tickets to this ultimate vagabonding event. Winners will be chosen in May of 2009.

Note - Applicants must be 18 years or older and have a valid drivers license. The ideal Roads Scholar will have great writing and photography skills and be creative and resourceful.

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Road Trip America this summer on a "Roads Scholarship"

Those who have traveled know that travel can be the best education. So what better scholarship is there than to enable a young person to travel North America this summer and write about their experience online?

We are offering a paid three month summer RoadsScholarshipBnr.gif Roads Scholarship to a person who wants to road trip across North America and share their experiences on this wonderful community and on http://www.digitalvagabonding.com. Those who are interested in writing a proposal or encouraging others to apply can visit our http://www.digitalvagabonding.com/road-scholarship page.

We can’t wait to read the proposals and send one lucky person out on to the open road and read all about it this summer.

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Life on the Plantation

On our way out of New Orleans, the RV Bunny and me decided to tour the old plantations near the mouth of the Mississippi River. After touring one plantation, I thought how life on the old plantations was an awful lot like life in a corporation.

Sure today it’s voluntary. But what other choice do most people have than to be a slave, even today or especially today? What else is living to just to survive and pay your minimum payments? Of course, some lucky few of us get to live in the big house and play master.


The old slavery was too crude and ultimately failed. Whipping people only gets them to work hard enough not to get beaten. Today’s system gets people to work hard to enslave themselves. Advertising and credit are so much more effective than a whip. It’s really quiet enlightened today. And they call it the “American Dream”.


But lunch at the plantation was great. I had the crawfish and she had the fried chicken. It was delicious and the RV Bunny loved her new doll Donna Bella (Note - the RV Bunny is not a minor and is 26 years old - or so she told me).

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New Orleans Devastation

Mix a hurricane with poor engineering, apathy and government incompetence and you have a real disaster that lives on today. On August 29, 2005 hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast.

The deficient levees gave way and thousands of homes became soggy garbage. To date it is the most expensive hurricane in US history.


Downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter were largely spared since they were above sea level. Some New Orleans residents even say the hurricane cleaned up the city by washing out much of the riff raff. Of course you won’t hear them quoted in the news media.

It wasn’t until the RV Bunny and I drove outside of the downtown area that we really saw the devastation. Whole entire neighborhoods and office parks are abandoned, while some residents camp in their front yards in government issued FEMA trailers.
Recently the government has acknowledged that many of these trailers are toxic from formaldehyde. Apparently in the rush to supply thousands of trailers the builders did not properly dry the particleboard.

So these hideous windowless boxes on wheels are also toxic gifts for which the residents will sue US taxpayers for billions of dollars.

It’s all enough to make you sick. I can only imagine what South Florida will look like after the big one rolls in off the Atlantic. I expect it will make Katrina look like a rained out picnic.

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New Orleans

My Kind of Hell

New Orleans is like a nice kind of Hell - full of fun loving sinners and no fire - just lots of hot sauce and sweating that can be extinguished by drinking. This is what I hope Hell is like because some sober Christians tell me I’m going there some day. So I better get busy getting acclimated.
I hope, if I do go to Hell, there will be fun people like my buddy Jimmy, the RV Bunny and all the revelers in New Orleans. Because they could make even Hell pretty damn fun. I expect they will be there.

New Orleans is “not befuddled by middle class morality”. Even a hurricane couldn’t flush out all the dysfunction, corruption and good fun. Although many of the locals claim it helped. The French Quarter stayed pretty high and dry during the hurricane.

New Orleans remains pretty Hell bent on having a great time. I wouldn’t live there. But I sure as Hell did party there.

I think my buddy Jimmy liked New Orleans too, until he got sick and had to fly home early. I don’t think he had yet fully recovered from his year in Panama. I do think that too much fun can be more dangerous than too much work.
The Real Heart of New Orleans - the Frenchman Street Neighborhood

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter has become an obnoxious adult amusement park, much like Duval Street in Key West. Yet all travelers need to walk Bourbon Street to experience its loud raunchy ambiance for themselves. But when you’re ready to move on and up for the real music hipster scene, visit the Frenchman Street neighborhood. It’s just West of the French Quarter near the Mississippi River. The Apple Barrel, with its fantastic live jazz and blues, is at the heart of this real deal music scene.

Mr. Rabbit and the RV Bunny
I met the “RV Bunny” my first night in the French Quarter. She was a ragin’ Cajun from the swampy Bayous of Louisiana who had just moved to New Orleans to work as a shot girl. This is our story:

The Happy Tails of the RV Bunny and Mr. Rabbit

Bunny was a bouncy shot girl on Bourbon Street. Then one night Mr. Rabbit came hopping into the bar. He and Bunny got along real good like rabbits do. Soon Bunny was spending lots of time in Mr. Rabbit’s big bunny mobile. Bunny and Mr. Rabbit had lots of fun hopping around together.

But when Bunny did go to work she was drinking most of the shots. Bunny lost her job. So Mr. Rabbit invited Bunny to hop on down the happy trail in the bunny mobile.

Bunny was a fun loving Raggin’ Cajun, so she hopped on board. On the trail they saw the destruction of New Orleans, Plantation Mansions on the Mississippi, the fattest people in the world, a live crucifixion, an oyster bar, the Redneck Riviera and a B 52 Bomber.

Hop along and follow their tails.

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